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We are pleased to send you our free samples. In order for us to send you right ones, please tell us necessary

information about your applications and contact Information by calling toll free 888-308-9988, by faxing to

909-598-8636 or emailing to

Sample Request Form:

Company Name:___________________________________________________________________

Contacting Person’s Name:__________________________________________________________

Phone: ( )____ -__________ Fax: ( )____-_____________


Street Address:__________________________________________

City: ___________________________State:____________Zip:___________Country:___________

What colors and/or flavors are you looking for? (Please be specific: Natural? Artificial? Red? Strawberry- red?

Cherry-red? purple? Orange? Yellow?…)

What is/are the application(s) of this/these color(s) ( Please be specific: Ready-to-Drink beverage?

Beverage mix? Tomato sauce? cake? cheese? hard candy?…)

What forms do you need? Please circle items you need: liquid Powder water soluble Oil soluble

What is the pH value of your product?

Requirements for colors: (be specific. examples: Kosher, organic suitable, shelf life, acid proof, heat-stable,

light resistant…)

What is the processing temperature? oC or oF for minutes

What is the package material?

Is the package: opaque or transparent?

What is the deadline for us to send you samples?


Please fax to 909-598-8636 or

email it to:

Thank You!