Natural Colors for Beverages

We have developed a series of natural colors for beverage manufacture needs. They are all from plant origins, Kosher certified and many of them are organic compliant. Call us at 1-888-998-3088 to discuss your needs. The following are some new products we achieved.

1.Annatto color (a natural orange color) for beverages

Annatto was considered to be useless in beverage coloring since the acidity in beverages caused precipitation of annatto (norbixn). Now this has become history. We have developed an annatto solution which does not precipitate from acidic solutions. Moreover, the annatto colorant is stabilized with natural ingredients towards light and heat. It gives a rich looking red-orange color in acidic beverages without precipitation. (Photo 1). It is perfect for tropical fruit beverages.

Photo 1. Our annatto color (ACRC code: 1172oalb) in a model beverage, without precipitation. Annatto color is used in different use levels, giving different hues from orange to deep red.

2. Organic Compliant turmeric solution (yellow)

We have also launched an organic compliant turmeric (curcumin) solution suitable for organic beverages and foods. The curcumin used to make this solution is extracted with ethyl alcohol only, without any other solvents. The curcumin is then dissolved in water with our special technology, without polysorbates or propylene glycol. In contrast to the turmeric solutions found in the color market, our turmeric solution has exceptional stability towards light exposure, giving extended shelf life to food products colored with it. It can be used in all foods when a bright lemon-yellow color is desired, including beverages (photo 2), confectionery, bakery, dairy, fruit products and pickles.

Photo 2. Our organic compliant turmeric solution (ACRC code: 1974yalb) in a model beverage. pH=2.2. Turmeric is used in different levels, giving different hues.

3. Beta carotene, got to be ringing free!

Ringing is a big headache in beta carotene colored drinks. Now, take it easy! Try our ringing-free beta carotene emulsions, you will find it never floats to the top forming rings in your beverage bottle necks! (Photo 3), Furthermore, It has been greatly stabilized with natural ingredient. Its stability against light was measured at lease 5 times more than other major beta carotene emulsions found in market (photo4)! Emulsions of both natural beta carotene and synthetic carotene are available. Even more, emulsion of beta carotene from carrots is also available for organic compliance.

Photo 3. Ringing free beta carotene emulsions (ACRC code: 1224oalb and 1229oalb) in a model beverage. pH2.2.

4. Odor Free Red Cabbage and Red Radish Colors

Red cabbage and red radish colors are well-known natural colors in food industry. One of the major problems of these colors is their odor caused by sulfur-compounds originally existing in the plants. Now, turn this page over. We have odor-free red cabbage and red Radish colors available. Both liquid and powder forms are available. They are plain in odor and taste.

Photo 4. Different vegetable colors in a model beverage, pH2.2.

5. Go tropical!

We have developed a series of natural colors for tropical fruit drink coloring (photo 6). They are made of annatto and turmeric, stabilized towards light, heat and acidity.

Photo5: Go tropical with annatto and turmeric colors!

6. Go Organic!

Photo 6: Our organic compliant natural colors in a model beverage. All are from plant origin, and all are Kosher certified.

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